Interview with RHAGE Lightweight Champion Omar Smith of Trinidad and Tobago

Interview with RHAGE Lightweight Champion Omar Smith of Trinidad and Tobago

Interview with RHAGE Lightweight Champion Omar Smith of Trinidad and Tobago

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by J. Prescott, Photo:Allan V. Crane/CA-images

Having a quick chat with RHAGE lightweight champion Omar Smith. Smith, fighting out of Rough House Training Center, Trinidad & Tobago, faced Arron Daniels of SBG Ireland. SBG is known throughout the world as it is the home of the some of the world’s most accomplished coaches and MMA fighters. The Irish fighter spent the first few minutes of the first round attempting to score a takedown, while Smith displayed tremendous takedown defence. Daniels finally got the takedown but was unable to secure a dominant position and Smith was quickly back to his feet. Daniels continued his gameplan of trying to score the takedown and was able to get Smith to the mat a second time but Smith was able to secure a tight guillotine.

What was your mindset leading up to the fight and how did it affect your preparations?
“I knew that I had enough experience to get the job done so it was all about putting in the hard work. This made me work harder and harder while preparing. Sweat is my safety net. My hard work and sweat brings me confidence and a peace of mind.”

What are your plans for the next 6 months to a year where fighting is concerned?
“Keep training hard and get some more fights. I will also like to go pro but my main plan for is just to keep training and winning.”

Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport?
“Bruce Lee, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Fergusso, I like their mentality. “

How do you think the average Joe can benefit from joining a mma class?
“There are many ways. Building a stronger mentality, learning to defend themselves, extending their life span through exercise, etc. I can keep going on all day.”

What do you think needs to be done to make people more familiar with mma throughout the Caribbean?
“We need more local and regional tournaments and help the population become more educated on the sport.”

In what way can you see yourself “giving back” in order to help in the development of MMA in your country?
“I would like to go to communities where people don’t have the exposure to fight gyms and teach them about fighting. Even if I can change 2 or 3 guys that will be great.”

If you could choose one person to fight, who would it be and why?
“This is a tough one. I will like to fight the best of the best and if possible, I would love to clone myself and see how it is to compete against myself.”

Any closing comments?
“Just be on the look-out and to other fighters, be cautious.”

In case you missed it, the full event can be viewed on RHAGE Fighting Championship Facebook page

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