Smith wins by KO in Main Event at RHAGE MMA

Smith wins by KO in Main Event at RHAGE MMA

Smith wins by KO in Main Event at RHAGE MMA

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In the main event of RHAGE MMA, Omar Smith defeated Shiaeine Blake of Jamaica 2:40sec into the first round. After catching a powerful round kick from Blake, Smith was able to secure a single leg takedown early into the round landing in Blake’s guard. The Jamaican was quick to recover and get back to his feet but was unable to disengage from the clench allowing the Trinbagonian to transition to a body clench and forcefully drag the Jamaican back to the ground where Smith was able to get to eventually transition to full mount where he continued has barrage of punches eventually knocking out his opponent midway through the first round.

RHAGE Promotions would like to sincerely thank their sponsors Kee-Chanona Ltd., Gatorade, Power Malt, Bertec Graphix, Mountain Dew, Blue Waters, Ginseng UP, Stag Light, William H. Scott, EaziApps, Banquet and Conference Center at Cascadia Hotel and all the officials, volunteers and specialized services that assisted with this event we look forward to hosting future sports entertainment events with your continued support.


Mixed Martial Arts
Omar Smith def. Shiaeine Blake RD1 KO (Punches) Ref. Roger Lumyoung
Yohan Dupe def. Brandon La Croix TKO (Cut) Ref. Roger Lumyoung
Bryan Bohouri def. Ken Bishop SUB (Ankle Lock) Ref. Donald Snaggs
Donnell Phillips def. Kadaine Hope DEC. (Unanimous) Ref. Donald Snaggs
Cowin D’Anjou def. Alrick Wanliss SUB. (Rear Choke) Ref. Shane Trestrail
Juval Fortune def. Nakia Anderson KO (Punches) Ref. Shane Trestrail

Emiliano Godoy vs Kendell Phillip DRAW(Exhibition) Ref. Donald Snaggs
Tianna Guy vs Randr DRAW DRAW(Exhibition) Ref. Donald Snaggs

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