Submission Grappling National Championships Report & Results

Submission Grappling National Championships Report & Results

Submission Grappling National Championships Report & Results

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Randy Sooknarine working an arm-triangle choke on his was to gold.

The National Submission Grappling Championships hosted by Rough House and main sponsor Kee-Chanona Ltd., were recently held at the Woobdbrook Youth Facility on Independence Day. A total of 60 athletes competed in over 70 matches. The local grapplers showed tremendous skill and strength using chokes, arm-locks and leg-locks to win a total of 42 of the 70 matches by way of submission. The high number of successful submissions, were attributed to the recent rules change where no points are given for the first three minutes and the match can be won by submission only. Points are scored in the closing two minutes and are based on, taking their opponent to the ground and controlling them using various pins and reversals.

Coaches Kerry Grant (Southern Warriors MMA) and Shane Fraser (Freestyle Fighters) tie-up during their semi-final match.

Coaches Kerry Grant (Southern Warriors MMA) and Shane Fraser (Freestyle Fighters) tie-up during their semi-final match.

With a total of eleven divisions at the National Champions Lilly Trawiel of Southern Warriors MMA started the finals when she defeated fellow teammate Larissa Baptiste to take the Teen Girls Open Weight Division, Maria Davis also of Southern Warriors MMA captured the Women’s Open Weight Division, these are the two newest division in the tournament as the sport grows among female athletes. Teen Lightweight Ranado Paria of Global Martial Arts defeated Jacob Christian of Rough House in the final via an arm – lock.  Tournament new comer Ronaldo Diaz (Rough House) became the teen Welterweight National Champion showing impressive form by winning all his matches with submissions. Randy Sooknarine (Rough House) took the Teen Middle weight national title to become a double national title holder in both submissions grappling and boxing, his teammate Brandon La Croix defeated Ryan Sooknarine (Rough House) in the teen heavyweight final with the match being one of the few being decided by points(6-0).

Andrew Smith (Rough House) and Jason Seurnarine (Queen’s Park Judo Club) needed extra time in their close encounter with Smith using a wrestling style double leg to take his opponent down and win by points in overtime. In what was probably the most competitive division of the tournament standout athlete Omar Smith (Rough House) defeated tournament rival Matthew Quammie (Defense Force) via straight arm-lock to become a triple national title holder, he also currently holds national titles in judo and boxing. Also in the welterweight division, newcomer Josh Lewis picked up two submissions on his way to a third place match where he was eventually stopped with a straight arm-lock by Armadi Gajadah of Southern Warriors MMA. Eighteen year old Matthew Villain (Rough House) defeated Mark Cockburn (Defense Force) to take the men’s middle weight title. The heavyweights and masters (+35 years) closed out the evening with Kifano Christian (Lion’s Den) grabbing onto the heavyweight title and Caleb Edwards head coach of the Defense Force and Global Martial Arts winning the masters open weight category.



Competition area for finals.





Teen Girls Open Weight

Lilly Trwiel (Southern Warriors MMA)

Larissa Baptiste (Southern Warriors MMA)



Women Open Weight

Maria Davis  (Southern Warriors MMA)

Sherisse Subero  (Southern Warriors MMA)

Giniever Fraser  (Southern Warriors MMA)


Armadi Gajadah (Southern Warriors MMA) and Josh Lewis establishing their grip during their third place match up.


Teen Boys Light Weight

Renando Paria (Global Martial Arts)

Jacob Christian (Rough House)

Akil Greene (Rough House)


Teen Boys Welter Weight

Reinaldo Diaz (Rough House)

Ayden Melvyn (Rough House)

David Jones (Rough House)


Teen Boys Middle Weight

Randy Sooknarine (Rough House)

Shawn Noel (Southern Warriors MMA)

Stephan Lewis (Rough House)


Open weight semi-final between Giniever Fraser (Southern Warriors MMA) and teammate Maria Davis.


Teen Boys Heavy Weight

Brandon La Croix (Rough House)

Ryan Sooknarine (Rough House)

Joshua Prescott (Rough House)


Men Light Weight

Andrew Smith (Rough House)

Jason Seurnarine (Queen’s Park Judo Club)

Robert Beeray (Global Martial Arts)


Men Welter Weight

Omar Smith (Rough House)

Matthew Quammie (Defense Force)

Armadi Gajadah (Southern Warriors MMA)



Competition area for pre-lim, quarter finals and semi-finals matches.

Men Middle Weight

Matthew Villain (Rough House)

Mark Cockburn (Defense Force)

Damian Brown (Defense Force)


Men Heavy Weight

Kifano Christian (Lions Den)

Kerwyn Carrabon (Souther Warriors MMA)

Laundry Fredrick (Defense Force)


Men Masters Open Weight

Caleb Edwards (Defense Force)

Kerry Grant (Southern Warriors MMA)

Shane Fraser (Freestyle Fighting)

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